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Find the best investment managers and automated strategies in DeFi.

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Today, access to investment services is often limited by geography or social status and restricted by gatekeepers.

We're building a future where everyone has simple and reliable access to financial freedom and stability so that society's quality of life is improved.

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Earn Yield on Polygon

Get exposure to not only the best assets on Polygon, but also earn a yield through farming strategies.

Stable Farming (dUSD)

Earn a stable yield on Polygon through market neutral yield farming strategies. Stable returns regardless of market conditions.

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Trade with no slippage on Ethereum

Powered by Synthetix, trade synths on Ethereum with 0 slippage.

Let top Managers do the work for you. Check their track records and trading strategies.

Create a dHEDGE pool on Polygon or Ethereum and test yourself against other managers.

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